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The School Mice and the Birthday Party book cover
NEW! The School Mice and The Birthday Party

Someone at Maple Creek Elementary School is feeling very sad and lonely about their upcoming birthday.

Join in the planning as Mrs. Pringle, The Mouse family, and the students try to show that person how truly special they really are!

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The School Mice and the Valentine Surprise
The School Mice and The Valentine Surprise

Poor little Marta is having a tough time this winter. Valentine’s Day is only weeks away and Marta is dealing with some big issues.

With the help of her family and friends, she learns a valuable lesson about “being different”, and trusting in others!

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The School Mice by Nancy HighamThe School Mice

There was once a little country school on the outskirts of a small rural town.  The school – Maple Creek Elementary  – had two hundred students, and eight teachers.  One of those teachers was Mrs. Pringle.  Mrs. Pringle taught grade two, and her students loved her.

One day, Mrs. Pringle and Murray Mouse met in Mrs. Pringle’s classroom, and Maple Creek School was changed forever!

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The School Mice and the Christmas ProjectThe School Mice and The Christmas Project

When little Mary joins Mrs. Pringle and her class on a field trip to the city, Mary is dismayed by the people she sees who look cold and hungry.  With Mrs. Pringle’s help, Mary leads Maple Creek Elementary School in a wonderful Christmas project to help others in need.

This is a story about generosity, friendship, and the power we all have to make a difference in the world – even a small mouse!

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The School Mice and the Summer VacationThe School Mice and the Summer Vacation

Murray Mouse and his family are invited to spend the summer at Mrs. Pringle’s cottage.  When Michael realizes they are being watched, he makes a discovery that will change two lives forever.

The Mouse Children see again that even someone as small as a mouse can change everything with their concern, and a little kindness.

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The School Mice and the Halloween PrankThe School Mice and The Halloween Prank

Sometimes a simple prank can go badly wrong, and hard lessons must be learned.

When Michael, Raymond, and Mrs. Pringle’s son Gregory spend a weekend together, the weekend sleepover becomes one they will never forget!

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